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Special Offer Bicycle Cards Empty Special Offer Bicycle Cards

Post by Sam on Thu Dec 06, 2007 6:42 am


I bet everyone on this site has at least one pack of bicycle cards. And I was wondering if you got those Advertisment Cards in your deck because I did. The first one I got was Special Offer : Custom Poker Chips for any occassion. So I thought what the heck its only 70Cents for 20. Okay wait I haven't explained what was so good about these chips. Well with these poker chips you can send the company a photo and they will print it on the chips. I sent them a picture of my cat who is very cute.

Anyway so after i bought them I took another look at my purchase and it said $23.80 AU . So I looked at the Ad card and it said in terms and conditions that it was 70Cents for 1 chip plus shipping.
So I just paided 23 bucks on 20 poker chips, so i though this better be worth it.
After Two weeks you heard me two weeks I got my poker chips. I took them out of the package and the quality on the chips SUCKED. The picture had like 3 pixels in it you wouldn't be able to tell what the pic was if it didn't have a title in it. And even then you couldn't tell what it was because you couldn't read the text.


Don't buy them!!!

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Special Offer Bicycle Cards Empty Re: Special Offer Bicycle Cards

Post by Gapyy on Thu Dec 06, 2007 11:28 pm


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